Holy Cross Lutheran Church Bismarck, North Dakota (LCMS)

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Sunday Church at Home and Daily Prayer

The attached material can be used for Sunday Church at Home and Daily Prayer:

Sunday, May 1

  - Hymn #462

  - Hymn #478

  - Pastor’s Sermon (audio)

  - Hymn #467

Daily Prayer, May 1-7

  - Hymn #478

Sunday Church at Home

For those who are unable to attend our regular Sunday Morning Service, due to travel or vacation, Pastor Thompson has provided material here for Sunday Church at home and daily prayer throughout the week. This material can be used by individuals or together as a family. It works best to print out a copy of the service for each person. The parts marked L: are to be spoken by the leader. The parts marked C: are to be spoken by everyone else. Someone other than the leader can be asked to read the Bible Readings. Someone else can pray the Collect. This adds variety. Music for the hymns is provided.